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Three men arrested for hash oil production

Three men were booked into Santa Clara County Jail on various drug related charges after police raids uncovered hundreds of pounds of narcotics, $135,000 in cash, and several firearms. Police began an investigation into the sale of marijuana and a marijuana byproduct known as “butane hash oil” this summer. The investigation eventually resulted in the raiding of three separate Morgan Hill properties.

The first raid occurred on August 26th at the Morgan Hill residence of Gary Salvadore, 54, and Edie Salvadore, 58 – where police uncovered evidence of butane hash oil sales, along with some syringes of hash oil and over $70,000 cash. Both Salvadore men were arrested without incident.

Santa Clara County Specialized Enforcement Team officers then raided a warehouse rented by the two Salvadore suspects. Here, police uncovered a large scale laboratory for manufacturing butane hash oil along with over 100 pounds of butane hash oil stored in containers. At the warehouse, police found evidence pointing to the involvement of a third property in Morgan Hill. When police raided this third property on Sept. 2 they found dozens of pounds of marijuana, more hash oil, firearms, and ammunition. Blake Lebeck, 53, was arrested at this property as the third and final suspect.

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