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Serving Santa Clara County

The Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP

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We speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Slovak, and Czech.

Divorce Law

Legal process to end a marriage and resolve issues like custody, support, and property. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence accusations can lead to arrest and prosecution based on limited evidence, affecting lives unjustly.

Criminal Defense

Seek experienced legal counsel for criminal charges; Law Office of Daniel Jensen handles various cases.

Our dedicated attorneys are prepared to review your case and offer quality representation.

Reliable Representation and Zealous Advocacy

Every divorce is different, and it takes an experienced lawyer to understand the proper approach to a case. San Jose family law attorneys Betty Mac and Jana Juricova have built a reputation as effective and zealous advocates for their clients. Our attorneys listen to your story and goals, whether need help with divorce, child custody, restraining order, or another family law issue.

In addition to family law, the Law Office of Daniel Jensen LLP also offers criminal defense services in the Santa Clara County as well as in the surrounding counties. Our attorneys have years of experience with carefully evaluating each case, applying the law and creating personalized defense strategies for our clients. Whether you need a reliable representation for a divorce or an aggressive advocate to defend your name against the most serious criminal charges, you can count on the legal team at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen LLP to provide experienced, reliable legal counsel.

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