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San Jose Mediated Divorce Lawyers

Mediated divorce has, in recent years, emerged as an attractive alternative to traditional forms of divorce, causing an increasing number of couples to utilize this form of divorce when their relationship reaches a point in which both parties are prepared to go their separate ways. Unlike some other types of divorce, mediated divorce does not require lengthy court proceeding, as both spouses, instead, work with an independent third-party mediator to resolve the terms of their divorce themselves.

While our team at the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP, understands that mediated divorce isn’t necessarily the best route for all couples in San Jose considering divorce, particularly those in which issues such as domestic violence have become a factor, many have found that the lower costs, shorter time frames, and reduced stress that are often associated with mediated divorce make it the best option for ending their relationship. However, even with these benefits, many people going through a mediated divorce enlist the support of a qualified attorney to ensure that their interests are well represented and voiced.

How Mediated Divorce Can Help

A good number of people are not familiar with mediation and how a mediated divorce can be beneficial for them. This could make a person skeptical of working on major divorce-related issues through mediated divorce; however, even through mediated divorce, a separated couple can reach agreements regarding:

In fact, when pursuing divorce through mediation, a couple may be able to more easily and quickly reach a consensus about these and other divorce issues.

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