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For many parents, child custody and visitation agreements are often one of the most important aspects of their divorce. Because of the central role that parents play in their children’s lives, it is important that both the well-being of the child as well as the parents’ rights are considered when creating a custody or visitation agreement. Unfortunately, the contentiousness of many divorce proceedings in San Jose can make reaching these agreements particularly difficult, something which our team at the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP, knows can be extremely frustrating for a parent.

Obtaining a custody agreement that meets you and your child’s needs can be hard due in part to a spouse who is unwilling to work with you and the many factors that are considered when creating a child custody or visitation agreement. As such, many people choose to seek legal counsel when dealing with child custody and visitation issues.

Types of Custody and Visitation

As California courts always consider a child’s best interests first, a parent can be awarded several different varieties of custody, including:

Whether you are looking to obtain these custodial or visitation rights, or to prevent your child from being endangered by a custodial agreement that is not in their best interest, enlisting the support of a legal professional who is familiar with California’s custodial laws can make the difference in getting the outcome that you want or not.

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