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San Jose Move-Away and Parental Relocations Attorneys

Parental relocation, or moving away, following a divorce is a common issue that many divorced couples and families struggle to cope with. Whether because of a new job, family commitments, or any other reason, it is sometimes necessary for one parent to move away from their child. In these circumstances, the parent’s relocation may further complicate the divorce process or make it necessary to revisit certain divorce agreements that were already established.

At the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP., we know how complicated parental relocation can be for divorcing parents in San Jose. In fact, parental relocation may require modifications to be made to existing support and custody agreements, or it may require the pursuit of a court order to ensure that the parent moving to a different location continues to abide by the terms of their divorce settlement. Fortunately, with the guidance of an experience legal counselor, you can make sure you and your family’s interests are protected.

Legal Issues Arising from Parental Relocation

A parent’s decision to relocate following a divorce can have major impacts on their divorce or already established divorce agreements, including:

Regardless of whether you are the parent moving away or the parent staying, this can present a number of complications that require legal assistance.

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When it comes to your parental rights and relocation, either as the parent moving or the one staying, you deserve an attorney who is dedicating to making sure your needs are represented and your rights protected. Talk with a lawyer from the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP, to discuss your situation and better understand the many legal intricacies that accompany relocation. You can reach us at 408-296-4100 today.