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San Jose Diversionary Proceedings and Jail Alternatives Lawyers

When an individual is accused of a criminal offense that could possibly result in jail time, one option to consider may involve the pursuit of diversionary proceedings to help avoid time behind bars. Diversionary proceedings can help criminal defendants to remain out of jail by enrolling them in alternative programs or facing reduced criminal penalties.

Diversionary proceedings can be especially useful for individuals such as drug offenders and drunk drivers, who may benefit from the programs they are enrolled in as a result. However, anyone looking to avoid jail can benefit by pursuing diversionary proceedings. If you have been accused of a criminal offense and want to pursue jail alternatives in San Jose, the legal team at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen P.C. appreciates your position, and wants to fight to help keep you out of jail.

San Jose Jail Alternatives

There are a number of different alternatives to jail that diversionary proceedings may be able to help criminal defendants receive. These may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs
  • House arrest or home monitoring
  • Community service
  • Work release or work furlough programs

While not every case will allow defendants to pursue diversionary proceedings, if it is available in your case, we are ready to go to work and help you pursue the most advantageous alternative sentencing possible.

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