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San Jose Physical Custody Lawyers

Physical custody is one of two forms of custody that parents must establish during a divorce when there are children involved. The other is legal custody. Legal custody refers to the rights of both parents to have decision-making power in bringing up a child, while physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child in question predominantly resides. Whichever parent has physical custody is responsible for the physical health and well-being of the child any time the child is with them.

Unfortunately for many parents in San Jose, agreeing to a physical custody agreement is difficult, as we at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP., know. However, with the guidance and support of a skilled attorney, you can ensure that both you and your child’s rights and interests are fairly represented and protected.

Establishing a Joint Physical Custody Plan

Most people have a joint custody plan, meaning that both parents have some physical custody over the child (though not always in equal parts). To establish a plan like this, there are several important aspects, including:

There are a lot of factors that go into determining a physical custody agreement, joint or otherwise. As such, consulting with a lawyer throughout this process can be critical.

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