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As a parent, protecting both your child’s rights and yours is critical during the divorce process. Unfortunately, though, many parents going through a divorce, particularly those divorces that are more acrimonious, have difficulty reaching a custody arrangement with their soon-to-be ex-spouse. At the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP., we know that many people in San Jose face difficulty in determining a custody agreement, forcing them to turn to a skilled legal representative to fight for the arrangement they believe is right for their family.

When it comes to determining a custody arrangement, there are actually two different types of custody parents must agree on – legal custody and physical custody. Understanding what these two types of divorce are and how a lawyer can help you ensure your legal custody rights are protected is critical during the divorce process.

Better Understanding Legal Custody

Plainly stated, legal custody refers to the parent/parents that have a legal say in a child’s upbringing, which includes making decisions about a child’s education, medical care, religious concerns, and more. Physical custody, on the other hand, refers to the parent with whom a child resides after divorce.

In other words, both parents of a divorce might have legal custody while only one has physical custody. Though having physical custody is something that many parents value, having legal custody is also critical.

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