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5 Types of Assault and Battery Charges

California law recognizes several different forms of assault and battery, resulting in various charges for these somewhat similar crimes. At the most basic level, assault differs from battery in that battery involves actual physical harm, whereas assault can occur with simply the threat of harm. Beyond this important distinction, there are still different assault and battery charges that a person can face, each with severe legal consequences if he or she is convicted.

At the [firm-name], we believe it is important for anyone in San Jose who is charged with assault or battery to understand the distinctions of their charge. With this knowledge and an attorney who is capable of defending a person against such a charge, anyone charged with assault or battery may be better able to get their charged reduc/ed or dismissed.

5 Different Assault and Battery Charges

There are several different forms of assault and battery charges that one might face in California. For instance, you could be facing one of the following:

Depending on the particular details of your charges, your penalties for conviction could range from restraining orders to financial penalties to significant time spent in jail. Knowing the exact charges you’re facing is an important aspect of your legal defense, as your attorney will be familiar with the best defense strategy possible.

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