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Common Drug Possession Offenses

At the [firm-name], we know that many people in San Jose find themselves facing drug offenses. Due to a stricter enforcement of drug laws and heavy policing of even more minor drugs, such as marijuana, drug possession offenses have become fairly common. Because of the many different types of drugs available today, there are various different drug possession charges that can be levied against a person. However, due to the popularity of certain drugs, some drug possession offenses tend to be more common.

Drugs Commonly Involved in Possession Charges

Although there are dozens of illegal drugs and controlled substances, certain drugs tend to both be used more and targeted more by law enforcement agencies. As a result, some of the most common drug possession offenses that people have to face include possession of:

These four drugs tend to make up the most drug possession charges. They are more easily accessed and distributed among the masses, making it easier for a person to be caught with it in their possession.

Get Help from a Drug Crime Defense Attorney in San Jose

Drug charges in San Jose can come with steep legal penalties, depending on the drug a person is charged with having and other circumstances of the charge, including multiple offenses and the amount of drug found. Regardless of what type of drug possession charge you are facing, having the support and guidance of a lawyer from the [firm-name] can be critical to getting a positive outcome. Discuss your defense options and how we can help you fight to get your charge possibly reduced or dismissed today by calling [phone-number].