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False Accusations of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is described as physical or sexual assault, battery, intimidation, and any other abusive behaviors carried out between intimate partners. Sadly, the effects of domestic violence can go beyond physical injury to include psychological damage and even death. Law enforcement officials take domestic abuse claims seriously in San Jose, as suspects in domestic violence cases are legally required to be placed under arrest. However, this could mean that an innocent person could be accused of and arrested for a crime he or she did not commit.

The attorneys at the [firm-name], understand how frightening it can be to face domestic abuse accusations in San Jose. However, it is even more frustrating and upsetting to be falsely accused of such a crime. No one should have to endure the damaging effects of domestic violence accusations that they are innocent of, but fortunately, we can help.

Reasons for False Domestic Violence Accusations

When individuals choose to make false accusations of domestic violence, they abuse the laws protecting victims of actual domestic violence crimes. Often, though, these false accusations are made in an attempt to blackmail or control another person. Some of the reasons why people choose to falsely accuse their significant others of domestic violence include:

Since domestic violence charges have such harsh consequences for those convicted, even a false accusation can be devastating to the personal and professional life of the accused.

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You should not have to suffer because of a false accusation of domestic violence. The attorneys at the [firm-name], are dedicated to protecting the freedoms and rights of those who have been accused of domestic abuse and other crimes. Contact our offices at [phone-number]  today to discuss your case and learn how we may be able to fight for you.