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Legal Grounds for Divorce

There are many reasons that a marriage may not work out, and divorce may seem like the best option for couples whose marital problems can’t be resolved. However, in order to file for divorce, a couple must state under which legal ground they are pursuing divorce. Fortunately, California is a no fault state, meaning that one person in the marriage does not have to be considered at-fault for the divorce. This can make filing for divorce easier.

At the [firm-name] we know that filing for divorce in San Jose is never as simple as signing paperwork and moving on with life. Spouses must endure the demanding and exhausting requirements of the court, including the emotionally draining process of reliving the reasons for divorce. Fortunately, you can get much-needed support and guidance throughout this process.

Grounds for Divorce

California is a “no fault” divorce state, meaning the party filing for divorce does not have to prove fault or wrongdoing in the other party to be granted a divorce. This means that the grounds for divorce in San Jose include:

Irreconcilable differences simply mean that a couple has decided they can no longer get along and the marriage is not worth staying in. It can include anything from adultery to intolerable living conditions. For a marriage to be terminated based on incurable insanity, medical or psychiatric proof must be presented to the court. Declaring your grounds for divorce can be a confusing and emotionally exhausting process, but having an experienced attorney by your side can help to fully protect your interests.

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