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Murder Charges in California

When it comes to murder charges in the state of California, the penal code differentiates between several different types and classifications of murder. The charge that is levied against the suspected party is based on the circumstances of the alleged murder and other factors, such as the charged person’s intent. However, regardless of the murder charge a person is facing in San Jose, our lawyers from the [firm-name] know that this can be a very stressful and frightening situation, especially as the state of California pursues legal action fervently against those charged with murder crimes.

Different Types of Murder Charges

There are several different classifications of murder, and they vary based on weapon, intent, negligence, and other factors. The classifications of murder include:

Facing any of these serious charges in California could result in severe legal consequences if a person is convicted. Should a person be convicted, he or she will most likely be issued a prison sentence, and depending on the particular conviction, time served could range from a few months (on parole) to a lifetime sentence.

Talk with a Defense Attorney Lawyer in San Jose about Murder Charges

At the [firm-name], our legal team believes that not only does everyone have the right to a legal defense, but that having a seasoned criminal defense lawyer when facing murder charges is critical. Find out how we can help you build a strong defense and work to protect your freedoms by calling [phone-number] today.