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Shooting in Self-Defense

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is one of the most time-honored declarations of a person’s right to defend him or herself from harm. People from all walks of life, all over the nation, have shown support for this right in one form or another since our country’s birth. However, as comforting as the idea that we can protect ourselves and our families through armed means may be in theory, the actual ownership and use of a firearm to this end is another story. Questions of legality and ethical behavior crop up in nearly every case of self-defense involving people or property.

Even the most apparently cut-and-dry examples are deeply scrutinized by the media and the public at large, with many social organizations dedicated to decrying the Second Amendment as morally questionable and attacking all those who rely upon it for their own safety.

Employee Woes

One trend that has appeared in recent years involves instances in which an employee is fired after taking action in self-defense while on the job. Pizza Hut recently let go of a 20-year veteran delivery driver after the man shot an approaching would-be robber in a high-crime area, citing company policy against carrying handguns.

However, Pizza Hut and the law did not see eye to eye on this case, and the man did not face any criminal charges for exercising his natural right. But many citizens in equally difficult and justifiable circumstances are not so lucky.

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