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What if My Ex Stopped Paying Child Support?

Your child support payments may be essential to bringing up your son or daughter healthy and well provided for. The attorneys at the [firm-name] know that if your ex has stopped paying your child support, you are likely frustrated and worried about how you will keep up with the day to day expenses. However, our team wants San Jose parents to know that they have legal recourse if their ex-spouses suddenly stop paying their court-ordered child support; we can fight on your behalf to help you get the support you need and hold your ex responsible for what is due.

What You Can Do

Our team will likely attempt to arrange an agreeable disbursement schedule to recover any back or future payments. If this does not work, more aggressive measures may need to be taken. If your ex still refuses to pay, the law can:

An experienced San Jose lawyer can help you take the first steps towards securing the support you need.

Contact a Family Law Attorney in San Jose

If you have stopped receiving the court-ordered child support that’s due to you, the attorneys of the [firm-name] can help fight for your and your child’s rights. Contact our offices in San Jose today by calling [phone-number] to learn more about how we can best recover what you are owed.