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What to Look For In A DUI Defense Attorney

Choosing the right DUI attorney may be the difference between spending time in jail and taking an alcohol rehabilitation course. If you are facing DUI charges, you will want to find a DUI defense attorney who will work hard to protect your legal rights and freedoms.

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Experience and Previous Record

There are few factors as important as an attorney’s experience in handling DUI cases. The circumstances regarding DUI cases vary greatly. A lawyer who has defended a large number of individuals in DUI cases will be able to examine the facts of your case and formulate an effective defense strategy.

The web page of a DUI attorney may contain information about his or her successful cases. However, it is important to follow up on this information. Some websites may include reviews of attorneys, and the Internet can be a great tool in discovering the effectiveness of an attorney.

Attorney References

Accessible and trusted information about an attorney will often come from family and friends. It is important to seek out others who have been accused of a DUI. It is a common crime, and you will likely have a connection to someone else who has gone through the same experience. You may also learn about people who have had bad experiences with a particular attorney.

Consequences of a DUI

A DUI conviction can ruin a person’s way of life. Losing a driver’s license may lead to losing employment. Fines may lead to bankruptcy. Luckily, there are lawyers to defend the accused. Hiring an experienced DIU defense lawyer can save you money in the long run.

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The San Jose DUI defense attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP. will work hard to defend your rights. Contact us today at [phone-number] to learn more about the ways a defense attorney can help you.