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San Jose Employee Fraud Lawyers

When an individual is charges with employee fraud in San Jose, they’ve been accused of knowingly or willingly participating in illegal activity at their place of employment for their own personal gain. Employee fraud is a serious accusation. It is estimated that businesses in the U.S. lose 5% of their revenue every year due to employee fraud. As a result of these statistics, many employers may be quick to accuse an employee of fraud to curb this problem. At the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP., we are here to protect the rights of all those accused of this crime.

With the help of a skilled employee fraud lawyer in San Jose, your charges may be reduced or dismissed completely. We have the experience necessary to craft a strong defense that will help protect your reputation, career, and freedom.

Types of Employee Fraud

Accusations of employee fraud may include any of the following activities:

Charges of such crimes can greatly affect your personal and professional life, so it is essential you speak to a legal representative in San Jose immediately.

Contact a San Jose Employee Fraud Lawyer for Help

If you are facing charges for employee fraud, it is absolutely essential you contact an employee fraud lawyer in San Jose as soon as possible. Our employee fraud lawyers have the knowledge and legal resources necessary to defend you against these serious accusations. Contact the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP. at 408-296-4100 today.