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San Jose Forgery Defense Lawyers

Those accused of forgery could face life-altering consequences. Forgery, the act of signing someone else’s name or presenting fake handwriting on document, is a serious crime in California. Aside from facing jail time and monetary fines, forgery charges can have an impact on your entire professional reputation. San Jose forgery defense lawyers know that those facing forgery charges may feel overwhelmed by the pending legal process.

Those accused of forgery are likely to benefit immensely from having legal counsel guide them through the legal process. At  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP. in San Jose, our lawyers are dedicated to protecting the legal rights and reputation of those charged with forgery. You do not have to face the legal process alone; with the help of our lawyers you can take steps to protect your future.

Punishments for Forgery Convictions

There are several punishments that may come with a forgery conviction, including:

If you or someone you know has been charged with forgery in the San Jose area, our lawyers may be able to help walk you through the legal process.

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Being convicted of forgery can have lasting consequences on your life, both personally and professionally. The lawyers at  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP. are committed to protecting your reputation and rights. Call 408-296-4100 today to get a caring and experienced lawyer on your side.