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San Jose Enforcing Support Agreements Attorneys

Agreeing on the amount of child support that should be paid during divorce is one of the most contentious areas of dispute between divorcing spouses. However, once an amount is determined and an agreement is reached, it is considered legally binding, meaning that the agreement is legally enforceable. In fact, if your ex-spouse is not making the child support payments you agreed upon during your divorce, you are legally allowed to take action to enforce this support agreement.

Not receiving the child support that you are owed can have a significant and detrimental effect on both you and your child’s well-being. At the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP., we know that many people in San Jose have to deal with this very issue. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney you can enforce support agreements, getting the financial assistance that you need to support your child.

The Importance of Enforcing Support Agreements

Adhering to child support agreements is essential, as those receiving them depend on that payment to support a child’s needs. In fact, many parents need these payments to:

As not receiving child support payments can make it difficult to handle these financial matters, enforcing support agreements is often essential for many people.

Talk about Enforcing Support Agreements with an Attorney in San Jose

If you are facing difficulties because your ex-spouse will not adhere to the child support agreement stipulated by court in your divorce, then your child’s well-being and your peace of mind might be at risk. Fortunately, our lawyers at the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP., can help you understand your legal options in this situation and possibly take legal action to enforce the agreement you have. Call us at 408-296-4100 today to schedule a free consultation.