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San Jose Nullity Lawyers

While divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage contract, a nullity is a legal declaration that a marriage contract is void, and thus never existed. To petition for a nullity, a marriage must be either void or voidable. As such, nullity is usually sought based on a condition existing at the time of the marriage which would make the marriage void. Individuals who wish to petition for decrees of nullity seek a judicial order declaring that a marriage never existed.

The San Jose lawyers at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP., understand how difficult seeking a petition of a nullity can be for couples, which is why we strive to make the process as smooth as possible. An experienced family lawyer can help guide couples through this complicated legal process.

When a Declaration of Nullity May be Sought

In order for a marriage to be void, it must be deemed invalid at inception. A marriage may become voidable if:

Because of the complicated legal process, the help of a knowledgeable family attorney can be particularly useful when a declaration of nullity is sought. The attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP., understand the sensitive nature of this process, and are dedicated to securing a favorable outcome for our clients.

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