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Have you been Arrested for a Marijuana DUI?

Using marijuana is now legal in California. Of course, many people are now wondering whether you can use it before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. So far, there is no legal limit in place concerning driving under the influence of marijuana. San Diego scientists are currently working on a project that will help determine the legal limit for drivers who use marijuana, especially when a marijuana DUI is concerned.

San Diego Marijuana Study

This study, done by the San Diego Center for Cannabis Research at the University of California, hopes to determine just when a marijuana DUI is possible. The study entails participants smoking weed in different strengths before undergoing a driving simulation. Participants will be tested right after they smoke and then again hours later. Neither the participants nor the researchers will know who is smoking marijuana with TCH, as a placebo will also be part of the study. THC is the psychoactive compound that users need to get high. The research team, headed by Dr. Igor Grant, will monitor saliva, blood and breath levels in participants. They will also have participants engage in other cognitive tests other than driving in order to determine the actual point of impairment.

Will California Marijuana DUI Laws be Affected?

As marijuana becomes easier to obtain, it is important to understand how much a person can smoke before their ability to safely drive is impaired. In 2018, licenses to sell marijuana will become legal, and the number of impaired drivers is expected to increase. While DUI laws are not caught up with marijuana laws, this study could help determine a legal limit for those who drive after imbibing. Grant has stated that having a moderate amount of marijuana in a person’s system doesn’t greatly increase the chances of them causing an automobile accident. The goal of the study is to determine just what the definition of moderate is and when it will affect the user’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

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