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Tips You’ll Need to Prepare for Child Custody Mediation

Are you about to go into a child custody mediation meeting to discuss your child’s future? If you’re worried about how the meeting might go, here are a few ways you can prepare beforehand.

  • Do You Have Your Basics Covered?: These include your work schedules, your kid’s school schedule and planned trips, holidays, and special requirements. Special requirements can include medication or therapy. Take a printed copy that lists these basics to your meeting.
  • What is Your Child’s Potential Life Plan?: This plan should include how you plan to parent, how you’ll handle changes in your work schedule, how visitation will fit into your schedules, even who will make major life decisions regarding your child. Draft a potential plan and be ready to discuss this with your spouse in the meeting.
  • Be Open Minded About Negotiation: Be open to suggestions and change regarding your child’s potential life plan. The whole point of having a mediation meeting is to reach a compromise with your spouse and avoid a battle in court. Keep your child’s best interest at the forefront of your mind and set aside any prejudices or negative emotions that may be detrimental to the mediation process.

If you’re still unsure about being properly prepared for your mediation meeting, contact the lawyers at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen. We can offer legal advice and better prepare you to negotiate with your spouse. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.



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