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Misdemeanor Charges

There are several categories of crimes that you may be charged with if you have been arrested for a crime. Felony offenses are the most serious and usually result in hefty fines and serving time at a state prison. Misdemeanors are still serious, but do not share the harsh consequences of a felony offense. Misdemeanor charges often result in fines and serving one year in a county jail; however, this is not always the case. Infractions result in fines of up to $100 and do not usually require any jail time.

When you are charged with a misdemeanor, you will be presented with a compliant by a prosecutor or you will be given a citation from a police officer. The complaint or citation will state a date and time that you are required to appear in court. During your first appearance in court, you will be informed of your rights, informed of the penalties that you face, and be asked whether you plan to plea guilty or not guilty.

If you have been arrested for misdemeanor charges, it is crucial to contact an attorney immediately. A seasoned attorney has the experience to help guide you through the complicated legal proceedings and will work to ensure that your right to a fair trial is protected. While misdemeanor charges are not as serious as felony charges, the consequences of a conviction will still have a negative impact on your life.

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