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Colts linebacker waived after alleged domestic abuse

Sports Illustrated reported on December 17 that National Football League’s Indianapolis Colts have waived outside linebacker Daniel Adongo after a domestic violence accusation. The news broke one week after an investigation which was reportedly the second report of alleged domestic abuse by Adongo. However, there were no charges filed against the 26-year-old athlete in either case.

According to reports, the first incident happened on October 24 after a woman who was sharing a home with Adongo told officials that she was scared of the man and that she did not want to return to the house. The second incident reportedly happened on December 10, where a friend of the woman received alarming messages from her saying that she needed help. When the police arrived at the scene, they found the woman nursing numerous physical injuries such as a cut lip, marks on her wrists, and a black eye.

Adongo’s case is still being investigated by the NFL.

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