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Nearly 1,000 Law Enforcement Guns Lost in 6 Years

A newly released report claims that California law enforcement has misplaced or reported stolen 944 guns since 2010. The investigation looked into the root cause of the missing weapons and claimed that a majority of the guns stolen came straight out of law enforcement vehicles. In response to this new report, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said they are now installing safes to lock guns in unmarked police cars. Marked vehicles already have locks for guns.
The San Jose Police Department alone accounts for 327 of the lost guns. It is without a doubt worrisome, since the people that are willing to steal a gun from a police vehicle are likely willing to use it in a dangerous manner. Last July, someone used a stolen law enforcement gun to shoot and kill Katie Steinle, 32, on a San Francisco Pier. Unfortunately, she is one of the many victims of a stolen law enforcement firearm. Taxpayer money provides these weapons, and it frustrates many Americans that police officers are carelessly losing such expensive and dangerous weapons.
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