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Policeman who allegedly assaulted wife files for divorce

San Diego, California police officer Gilbert Anthony Lorenzo, taken into custody twice before on domestic violence charges, filed for divorce from his wife of four years and the woman he was accused of assaulting, CBS 8 reported on May 7.

His last arrest happened on May 5. According to Lorenzo, he wanted to protect his two young daughters Audreyana and Isabella from Tanya, whom he claimed abuses drugs, including cocaine, methamphetamine and alcohol. He said that in moments of psychosis, Tanya calls the police and accuses him of hitting her. Lorenzo maintained that if there was a victim of domestic violence, it was him and not his wife. He also requested sole custody of his children.

Tanya Lorenzo, on the other hand, denied all allegations made by the police officer and said she recently only took Advil and Codeine as anesthetic for an upcoming root canal. A recorded phone call and injuries sustained by Tanya may provide proof that contradicts Lorenzo’s story.

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