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San Jose Cocaine Possession Attorneys

Allegations of cocaine possession can be frightening because of the serious consequences attached to a conviction. In California, a cocaine possession charge is a felony, and could easily result in a prison sentence. The severity of drug charges brought against individuals is often determined by the particular quantity. When facing cocaine possession charges it is imperative that legal representation is secured as early in the legal process as possible.

The San Jose cocaine possession attorneys at the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP., understand just how detrimental a drug conviction can be, and we have the experience to help you build a strong case in the event that you face serious charges. Experienced legal representation can make a significant difference in your case and could also help mitigate the consequences of a conviction.

Alternate Sentences for Cocaine Possession

Fortunately, when someone is charged with cocaine possession, an experienced defense lawyer can often help individuals avoid incarceration. Some alternate sentences include:

The attorneys at the [firm-name], work tirelessly to defend our clients, and though we aim for the best possible outcome, we still make it a priority to inform our clients of all possible legal outcomes. A legal defense team can help evaluate your options if you have been charged with a serious crime.

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Though many people facing criminal charges are intimidated by the legal process, there is skilled legal help available. The attorneys of the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, LLP. have plenty of experience guiding San Jose residents through criminal trials. To discuss your situation with one of our skilled attorneys, call our offices today at 408-296-4100.