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Trump’s Abuse of Women Spans Years

Harry Hurt III, publisher of the unauthorized biography “Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump” felt vindicated when video coverage of the businessman surfaced. In it, Trump is heard saying that he feels free to “grab” women “by the pussy” and kiss them.

Hurt published his book in 1993 and said that even though he carefully conducted research into Trump’s life and found evidence that he physically abused women, most news outlets failed or declined to report these incidents. Most of the book centered on Trump’s relationship with his ex-wife, Czech-American businesswoman and author Ivana. Hurt wrote Trump underwent an operation to eliminate a bald spot. Ivana recommended the plastic surgeon. When the operation proved painful, Trump took a handful of Ivana’s hair in his hands and yanked on it, then forced himself on her. The following morning Trump allegedly asked Ivana, “Does it hurt?”

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