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Under investigation: Man found dead in Lowe’s parking lot

The killer of a man who was found dead in a home retail shop’s parking lot is still at large.

The crime scene, a Lowe’s parking lot on Ridder Park Drive and Schallenberger Road, was not a secluded spot and vehicles from I-880 could clearly view the investigation as it went on. When informed that there had been a death there, shoppers expressed shock. The body, according to the manager on the night of the murder, was not an employee nor a customer, to his knowledge.

The body was found by chance when someone walked by, noting the obvious injuries and lack of breathing. The police were notified after this and detectives were investigating the area for 10 hours, taking a Pontiac Aztec away as evidence.

Groups of homeless people tend to gather in the area and police suspect that the murder is related to them, a possible one of now nine homicides involving homeless people for the year. No identification has been announced in terms of either the victim or the attacker.

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