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Jolie files for divorce from Pitt after arguments about children

Sources privy to the relationship of 41-year-old actress Angelina Jolie Pitt and 52-year-old actor and producer Brad Pitt say that disagreements over their children might have caused their fairy-tale love story to end.

One of the things the couple would fight about were how to raise their children, with one source saying, “Brad wants them to have a normal upbringing and worries that they’ll come out spoiled, elitist, and not grounded. But Angie feels that they should be ‘children of the world’. They argue about it all the time: heated, screaming fights.”

The source said Pitt supports a more conventional upbringing by settling down somewhere. Specifically, he wanted to enroll the children in a school in New Orleans as far back as 2009, but Jolie wants the children home-schooled so that they can go with the couple whenever they traveled the world. Also, Jolie said in a 2012 interview that between the two of them, Pitt is the tougher parent, noting, “Brad’s had to play bad cop more often.”

Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt on Monday, September 19.

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