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Prosecutors drop murder charge saying wrong twin was accused

Prosecutors from Santa Clara County dismissed a murder charge against an 18-year-old Californian man on Wednesday, February 5, after they found out that the wrong twin was charged.

Duc Tong was first accused of killing 22-year-old Richard Phan in a party at Piedmont Hills, but Deputy District Attorney Dan Fehderau later ruled in a court hearing that the murder charge should instead be placed against his twin brother, Anh Tong.

Fehderau refused to reveal the details that led to the decision, although it was initially believed that the brothers were fraternal and not identical twins. Duc Tong is currently being held on a bail of $200,000 due to felony charges of being an accessory to the crime. Anh Tong, on the other hand, faces a charge of murder and has no bail set.

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